About The EDH Archive

What do you want me to tell you? I try to build cool decks, specifically for budget cEDH. This project started in mid 2021 during Covid and i'm quite proud of how it turned out

Contact me, please

cEDH is a format that constantly gets new spicy cards to be used in a lot of decks, or new cards that work really well in specific decks. Therefore, if a list is outdated, has gotten new staples or you just think you have an amazing improvent for a deck or the site, please contact me on Discord at Ruination#0001.

Shoutout to AverageDragon and the cEDH Decklist Database

My eternal gratitude to AverageDragon and the DDB team for making their amazing site open scource (license found here). I couldn't have made this possible without them.